UV 400

UV 400 indicates an eye protection item that has been optimized to prevent eye exposure to both UVA and UVB radiation. Eyes are exposed to sunlight could be at risk for serious damage to their eyes, which can lead to a number of issues including cancers of the eye, vision loss, cataracts, and blindness.
Safety Planet provides different lens types with UV protection: UV 400 Cycling Glasses, UV 400 Glasses for Outdoor Sports, UV 400 Ski/Snowboard Goggles.

Impact Resistance

Lenses in sports eyewear usually are made of polycarbonate. Since polycarbonate is such an impact-resistant lens material, it works well to protect eyes from fast-moving objects. Polycarbonate lenses are up to 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic or glass lenses. They are also lightweight, strong and durable. Polycarbonate lenses set the standard in eyewear safety. These lenses are a smart choice for athletes, those who work in hazardous job environments.

Anti Fog

Removing eyewear to wipe away fog can expose your eyes to potentially dangerous hazards and debris in your workplace. Anti-fog technology help people see clearly.
Fog Free can be applied to plastic, polycarbonate and other eyeglass lenses, including high-index lenses and Transitions photochromic lenses. Your lenses and vision stay clear when you make the transition from a cold environment to a warm one. It may also keep your lenses from fogging up during sports and other times you are hot and perspiring.

Anti Scratch

Lenses that are treated front and back with a clear, scratch-resistant coating have a much smoother surface that is more resistant to scratching.
The coating does not interfere with how the lens functions and does not affect vision. Though an anti-scratch coating is not 100% scratch-proof, but it helps to prevent minor scratches that can easily happen to a regular lens. These minor scratches can damage the surface of the lens and impair vision. An anti-scratch coating acts as a protective layer thus making the lenses more durable and safe.

Hydrophobic & Oleophobic coating

It works by making the surface of the sunglass lens unattractive to the water molecules. The hydrophobic coating also weakens the surface tension (or bond) between the water droplet and the surface of the lens. This means the water droplet is more likely to roll off the surface of the lens.

Hydrophobic coated surfaces are also anti-static. This means that dust and other dirt particles are less likely to be attracted to them, if this does happen it is likely to just fall off. It resists stains and repels grease from fingerprints, so cleaning your lenses is quicker and easier.

Interchangeable Lens

Replaceable lenses make the user an instant winner for any outdoor activity - varying light, weather & background conditions / environments. Featuring a versatile interchangeable lens system, We designed sunglasses to keep up with the changing conditions of any sport.
There are different lenses to choose from, each tailored toward a specific use, such as ball sports like golf, bike and run activities.

Strap Available

Our temples are designed for strap available for intense activities. The strap is essential to keep your sunglasses in place wherever you go. The soft and flexible strap offers customized size to provide more grip and comfort for long-time wearing.
For some activities you don’t need strap, you could also take it off easily. It makes the sunglasses multifunctional.


Our sunglasses use vents drilled into the frames or the lenses themselves at precise positions, where air is prone to stream past without creating turbulence that can make it hard to see. Glasses without these holes for ventilation can create warm air pockets behind the lenses, which compound the problems of sweat around your eyes.
Proper ventilation allows the lens and air temperatures to equalize quickly. When the lens returns to air temperature fogging disappears. Our innovative exhaust vents to lenses and frames to facilitate better airflow.



We use Switzerland EMS ultra-light technology memory plastic GRILAMID TR90 which has strong elasticity and collision resistance, super durable polymer. Our TR90 sunglasses can offer super lightweight, flexible and comfort for long-time wearing.
For those looking for toughness, extreme flexibility, luxury and a long-lasting piece of eyewear, then there could be no any better option than the modern TR90 material frames. This frame type ranks on the top when we are looking for comfort and durability at the same time.

Adjustable Nose Pads

Comfortable rubber temple tips and nose pad can be adjusted to accommodate any face.
Adjustable nose pads are a perfect remedy to the plastic eyeglass or sunglass frame that just won’t fit properly. Adjustable nose pads are also a good solution for long eyelashes or just to keep your sunglasses off your cheeks. The shape and angle of the multi-plane nosepiece can be adjusted to accommodate any nose bridge for a truly custom fit.

Over The Glasses

OTG means Over the Glasses which are made to fit over your prescription glasses or readers for convenient sun-protection. If you have to wear optical glasses, over-the-glasses goggles are the best option to protect your eyes from UV ray and keep your vision clear when you are doing outdoor sports.


Our RX-able frame is compatible with the exclusive Prescription Lens adapter, which snaps in easily behind the lens without altering the nosepiece. RX-adapt protect your eyes from UV rays and kep your vision clear when you are doing outdoor sports.

Adjustable Tips

Comfortable rubber temple tips and nose pad can be adjusted to accommodate any face.
Adjustable nose pads are a perfect remedy to the plastic eyeglass or sunglass frame that just won’t fit properly. Adjustable nose pads are also a good solution for long eyelashes or just to keep your sunglasses off your cheeks. The shape and angle of the multi-plane nosepiece can be adjusted to accommodate any nose bridge for a truly custom fit.

EVA Foam

EVA stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, and it is the co-polymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. The foam are soft and flexible to ensures a firm and comfortable fit whether you do extreme sports. The softness of EVA allows you to wear your sports sunglasses for longer periods, letting you play all day long.

PC lens

Polycarbonate is the material favored by most sports eyewear manufacturers because it's very light and shatterproof, which is an impressive impact resistant lens. Being flexible is what enables it to absorb energy without fracturing. Polycarbonate lenses are more impact-resistant than plastic or glass lenses. PC lens provide a very high degree of eye protection.


The sun’s rays reflect light in every direction, so when a ray hits a flat surface, the reflected light shines back at your eye and is magnified, causing glare. It reduces your depth perception, distorts your view and color perception. Regular sunglasses are designed to only reduce the amount of light that is transmitted through the lens horizontally and vertically. But the polaroid layer on the lenses of sunglasses is designed to absorb horizontal light waves, while still allowing vertical waves to pass through. Because light only travels in one direction through polarized lenses, glare is eliminated.



Reduce Glare - On a sunny day, you may notice that objects in the distance appear hazy, or nearby vehicles are reflecting light in a way that is nearly blinding. A polarized lens removes the effects of glare by blocking reflections. This improves eye comfort and allows you to take in the view without squinting

Water Sports - Without polarized lenses, the water’s surface simply reflects everything around it. This obscures view into the water almost completely. Polarized lenses block this reflection and enable the wearer to see the contents of the water instead of the sky.

Reduce Eyestrain - Another nasty side effective of glare, eyestrain can be relieved with polarized lens wear.

Better Vision - Wearing polarized lenses can reveal colors and images like never before. You will see crisply and cleanly, with a level of detail that may astound you.

A polarized lens can also be photochromic - the lens gets darker or lighter depending on ambient light levels. We also have polycarbonate polarized lens which is more impact-resistant for industrial use.

Anti Fog TAC film

1.   Our Superior Permanent Anti-Fog TAC film is one chemical treatment layer which works like “breathing” to absorb and release moisture. 

2.   With our superior permanent anti-fog TAC, it still keeps 92% transmission rate & less than 0.5% haze value to have better visibility compared to other anti-fog film. 

3.   Superior anti-fog TAC has the unique advantage of permanent Hydrophilicity & Hygroscopicity.

Anti Fog TAC Polarized Sheet

1.   We offer hybrid-laminated Polarizer with our Anti-Fog TAC sheet to make Polarized Anti-Fog TAC lens.      

2.   Our polarization-efficiency can be customized from 99% to 70%. 

3.   It contains the features: superior anti-fog, permanent anti-glare and high contrast.

Why to use lower polarization lenses?

99% polarization efficiency can protect our eyes and to see clearly from strong UV light, but it is also dangerous if we use high-efficiency polarizer to drive in cloudy or raining day. We have to keep some stimulant light to make sure we could see puddles. 

Anti Fog TAC Photochromic Sheet

1.   We offer hybrid-laminated photochromic with our Anti-Fog TAC sheet to make Anti-Fog Photochromic TAC lens.

2.   The color-category can be operated from Cat. 0 to Cat. 3, it owns both UV-cut and superior Anti-Fog performance.


Waterfloat floating material -  Never worry your sunglasses will be lost during ocean activities.

1. Unique composite materials create lesser density than water to make sunglasses floated.

2. Materials with high bio-contents and polymers with strong properties.

3. Rigid, flexible and light weight.